3D 뜨개 드로잉 3D Knitting Drawing

Hi(Collaborate with Han Gene)

Knitting; Acrylic Yam, 4.6 x 33.3 x 17.9cm, 2018

Mao(Collaborate with Han Gene)

Knitting; Wool Yam, 18.5 x 26.3 x 16cm, 2018

Bumpy(Collaborate with Han Gene)

Knitting; Cotton Yam, Acrylic, 29.3×40.0×15.2cm, 2018

찡긋(Collaborate with Lee Seula)

Knitting; Acrylic Yam, 4.6×33.3×17.9cm, 2020

Installation View(by Lee Seula's Painting & Drawing)

Gasmask From NCT127's Simon Say's MV prop

Knitting;_Cotton_Yarn,_Mixed_Media,  33.2.×17.1×21.6cm, 2019

Self-portrait in T-shirt

Watercolor on Knitwork, 80.3×91.4cm, 2020